Personalisation at Scale

2019 | London

v 16.2 Million Completed Views For Roses, VTRs were higher than planned (+95%) delivering an incremental 16.2M completed views.
Cadbury has been traditionally reliant on mass reach advertising on TV. High Fat Salt and Sugar (HFSS) was on the horizon and would place significant restrictions on this approach moving forward. We had to re-think our brand building model. Cadbury had long held an ambition to behave more like a performance brand but lacked the data, audience segmentation and relevant creative. It was our goal to help them deliver personalised messages at scale and capture first-party data to future-proof Cadbury in the context of HFSS.
The key was starting to trial this new way of marketing for Cadbury in a way that enabled us to learn and scale. We developed two programmes:
  1. A trial of personalisation messages
  2. Consumer participation campaigns to enable data capture



Trialling Personalisation
Cadbury Roses wanted to grow salience of the through an association with gifting with the launch of ‘Another Way to Say Thank You’ campaign. We spotted that this would be the perfect opportunity to trial personalisation because people often say ‘Thank You’ in different ways for different things at different times. We targeted five different audience segments with many different six-second bumpers featuring different ‘Thank Yous’ based on their interests. For example, ‘Beauty & Fashion’ audiences were served ‘Roses for teaching me not to dress like my dad’ or Sports audiences ‘Roses for letting me scream at the telly this season’.

Enabling Data Capture
Cadbury wanted to re-excite people about one of their oldest products, Cadbury Dairy Milk. We created 'Inventor', a competition where people could design a bar of Dairy Milk which Cadbury would then create & sell. We recognised this as the perfect opportunity to increase data capture to fuel our ability to deliver personalised messages in the future. Inventor engaged the younger (25+) audience, promoted through traditional media, reinforced via a 360º digital presence (Snapchat / Pinterest / Instagram / PPC). Digital was optimised via a pixel onsite to measure the conversion to enter the competition to design a bar. Data was captured from all entries.

v 16.2 Million Completed Views For Roses, VTRs were higher than planned (+95%) delivering an incremental 16.2M completed views.
r X2 Forecasted Entries On Inventor,​ we achieved double the number of forecasted entries.

“ Cadbury had a best-in-class data-driven marketing approach, a bright spot example of how a CPG brand should be using digital capabilities to put the consumer at the heart of its marketing strategy. The campaign leveraged advanced site analytics, CRM integrations, and artificial intelligence to amplify and entice submissions and reveal new and critical consumer. Working with Mondelēz and Carat, we’re proud to have supported this advanced initiative.”

Erika Hagberg Director of Global Client Partnerships, Google
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