Love Island: The Morning After

2018 | London

Through social listening and insight, we discovered that there was a perception among some 16 - 34-year-olds in the UK that Corn Flakes were dry and plain… shocking we know!  Our ambition was to turn this misconception on its head and get young people in the UK to realise that Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was 100% their type on paper.

So, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes coupled up with Love Island and crafted a campaign to vibe with our 16-34 audience. The multiplatform campaign had a podcast at its heart, Kellogg’s was integrated into the podcast with weekly segments such as corniest line & flake of the week. We also had a mint broadcast schedule, highly targeted and contextually relevant social activity, plus some PR and talent appearances for good measure.

We smashed all our KPI’s:

  • Love Island was the best performing show on ITV 2 for the year
  • Our podcast was ranked number 1 on iTunes for 7 weeks, at one point we had the top 3 spots on the charts!
  • 3 million podcast downloads, smashing our 1 million target
  • We reached 50% of our audience in broadcast alone, beating our target by 60%
  • Our social campaign had 774,167 people participating (social engagements), exceeding our goal by 50%

Our audience thought the campaign was a peng sort and we are already getting in shape for Love Island 2019!

w 50% +1 coverage of 16-34s in the UK, beating our target by 60%


Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are, dry, and plain… this was the perception 16-34s had of the 100-year-old breakfast cereal and the perception we needed to abolish. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes had slipped off people’s radars and out of their breakfast repertoire; sales were in decline as the brand was becoming less relevant to younger consumers.

To turn this around we needed young people in the UK to think Kellogg’s Corn Flakes was 100% their type on paper. Kellogg’s had to graft to prove they weren’t old and outdated; the goal was for 16-34s to think Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (KCF) was a bit of them (measured as KCF is a brand for me).

We had a few challenges to overcome; 16-34s are notoriously difficult to reach with fragmented media habits, they are cynical to advertising and hard to please, plus the World Cup was about to kick off so cut through would be tougher than ever.


Our plan for the UK to couple up again with Kellogg’s was clear: 

  • Reach: Build a distribution strategy to reach 30% of the 16-34 demographic in the UK
  • Engagement: Connect with young people and become part of their everyday life. Breathe new life into Instagram and achieve 39,000 engagements over the campaign period
  • Innovate: Create content that gives value and means something to our consumers, do something completely new to Kellogg’s and do it well
  • Participation: Encourage 16-34s to purchase KCF through an incentive that will make their Corn Flakes experience exciting. Have 50,000 participants in our campaign (measured by total engagements across Instagram and Facebook).
  • Win the hearts of retailers: Get key retailers like Tesco onside so they give Kellogg’s Corn Flakes prime shelf space during a time when beer and crisps dominate the aisles due to the World Cup.

If we could achieve these objectives, 16-34s would be munching on the golden flakes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in no time.


Love Islands popularity was on the rise and we had a hunch 2018 would be bigger than ever. But with headline sponsorship already taken and limited-budget, we needed to be clever.

We crafted the perfect Love Island partnership to vibe with 16-34s; it was multiplatform and ticked all our objectives: introducing the Kellogg’s Cereal Dater.

The jewel in our crown was the podcast. Internet searches for Love Island peaked the morning after each show, but there was no new news coming from the programme. From research, we knew 16-34s were absolutely buzzing for podcasts, a platform on the rise. This insight, paired with mornings being the perfect time of day for Kellogg’s to own, was a match made in heaven. 

We joined forces with ITV and created ITV’s first ever podcast; Love Island The Morning After. Hosted by 2017 winner Kem and radio presenter Arielle Free, the 15-minute daily podcast featured all the juicy gossip from the show, exclusive guests and interviews with the latest dumped Islanders.

The podcast sponsorship had the usual intros and outros but we knew this wouldn’t be enough to impress our audience, so we created Kellogg’s inspired segments such as Bowled Over (an award given to the Islander who fell in love the hardest), Biggest Flake and Corniest Line.

Taking out a Love Island License was a no-brainer as it gave us access to an exclusive competition (Win a trip to the Love Island Final), broadcast, social and digital rights, plus access to talent.

To entice product purchase and win the hearts of our retailers we promoted the competition on packs. Our retailers loved the Love Island Corn Flake boxes and gave us preferential shelf space in aisles over competitors.

With only one major prize we didn’t want anyone to feel mugged off so we created smaller daily prizes such as Love Island fridge magnet packs, complete with Love Island lingo (melt) and Kellogg’s Love Island heart-shaped bowls. To enter you had to Instagram a photo of yourself and the promotional pack. The social mechanic clinched us further earned distribution on a platform native to our audience.

We had a mint broadcast schedule to promote our partnership with Love Island and the competition. We targeted contextually relevant moments during the show and had a wider buy across ITV2 and ITVBe where we knew our audience would be when they weren’t watching Love Island.

The podcast gave us exclusive Love Island gossip to share in Kellogg’s social channels, making Kellogg’s part of the conversation in a meaningful way.  Our paid social support was perfectly attuned to the content beats in the series, based on previous years’ key bombshells. Using insight and trend data, we targeted content when Love Island conversations were peaking and reacted in real time.

Kellogg’s and their retailers got special visits from ex-Islanders and in return, we sent a big gift pack of Corn Flakes to the Love Island Villa; we didn’t want the Islanders to miss the crunchy taste of home. It was lucky we did because we saw the Islanders crack on with Corn Flakes quite a few times on our TVs!





w 50% +1 coverage of 16-34s in the UK, beating our target by 60%
l 77,682 Number of Instagram engagements, exceeding our goals by 50%
A 3M The number​ of downloads, 3 times more than expected, ranked number 1 podcast on iTunes for 7 weeks in a row!
w 774,167 The number of people who participated in the competition, a whopping 25 times more people than expected!

We are thrilled to partner with Love Island. The show gave us a chance to connect with a younger audience through a highly relevant TV property. Nobody predicted just how successful the podcast would be, we are proud to be the first brand to ever try this with ITV and see such great results.

Roisin Devine and Dearbhla OBoyle European Digital Manager and Senior European Media Manager
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