Chevy Malibu - Ellen

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Chevrolet needed to revitalize perception of the all-new Malibu, a vehicle at the bottom of purchase consideration in the mid-size sedan segment. The launch of the Malibu would serve as the resurgence of the Chevy car brand.


We identified ‘Stylish Influencial’ as an aspirational target to grow and attract people to the new Malibu. This target represented a large percentage of mid-size sedan buyers in the U.S. currently not buying GM. ‘Stylish Influencials’ are genuinely good people, leading purposeful, well-intentioned lives. They are involved with their communities and proud of their achievements but would like to do more for others, if given the opportunity.

To break through consumer apathy, The Ellen Show became the backbone for our campaign. 60% of her show viewers are driving vehicles in segments represented by Chevrolet’s core product line-up.

In an effort to become a natural, entertaining part of the conversation that existed between Ellen and her audience we developed content that positioned the Malibu as an unexpected character on the show producing funny and heart-felt moments that could live both on-air and online. During the 20 episodes of Ellen’s 13th season Malibu was a catalyst for more than 18 unexpected moments of positivity and kindness generating talk value and shifting consumer opinions.

Distributing the Malibu content across Ellen’s broadcast and digital networks, we organically reached our target and became part of the conversation. Ellen provided us with a trusted voice for our consumer to relate to and a scalable platform to showcase the unexpected nature of the All-New 2016 Malibu. With a regular cadence of branded social posting and offering the consumers a chance to win an all-new Malibu, the brand was able to leverage multiple touchpoints to engage the vehicle’s target on every level. Chevrolet received unprecedented on-air product feature integrations, yielding over two hours of on-air exposure delivering impressive ROI in media value. Integrated content was breakthrough with brand recall out performing daytime norms by 13%.

Socially, Malibu content outperformed all other branded content on Ellen generating positive sentiment across all social platforms.


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