Tune in to The Human Element: Race & Equality


The Human Element is Carat's Podcast exploring how insight and humanity impact modern marketing to build stronger brands. Join us every Monday as we invite industry leaders to discussions around the way marketers connect, communicate and influence consumers.


In the following weeks, we will be beginning a conversation that we must have all across this industry. Recent podcast guests include:

Nandi Welch, Head of Business Strategy at Rupture Studio and Ed Cotton, Creative Strategist and Consultant and former CSO at BSSP.

Elekia Akhuetie, Media Account Director at Gyro UK, and Venya Wijegoonewardene, Strategy Partner at Carat UK, both co-founders of the REPRESENT diversity network within Dentsu UK.

Chantl Martin, Senior Associate of Analytics at Merkle, and John Santiago, CEO at M8, both leaders in our multicultural group across Dentsu US.

Tune into the discussions here.

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