Kung Fu Noodle Magic


When your competitors have an established, well-loved product, and your target consumers ignore adverts, how can you capture attention and drive trial?

We needed help. The Kung Fu Noodle Magic campaign shows the impact of collaboration with the right IP. Coinciding with the launch of Kung Fu Panda 3, lovable leading character Po was a perfect match for the Master Kong.

The co-created content and teaser campaign involved our audience in a ‘kung fu treasure hunt’, scaling the message across integrated media channels ensured success and we took the brand into dominant position with an attributable 7% sales growth.

E 657% E-commerce sales increase


This is a uniquely Chinese story of cabbage, noodles and Pandas. We’ll come to the Panda part shortly.

It’s no secret that instant noodles are popular in China but cabbage noodles had stormed into the market and Master Kong’s competitors had gained valuable share. 

We needed to launch our new spicy cabbage flavor and win back consumers hearts and minds.

To deliver such a steep change in perception and awareness we needed a game changing approach. We needed help.


This is where we get to the panda part of our story. Our data showed that our target audience of millennials were frequently indifferent to traditional advertising, finding it irrelevant to their lives. We needed to dig deeper to find out what would resonate. Through the qualitative research stage our focus group sessions revealed that they do pay attention to content.  But it has to have a connection to them, make them laugh or give them a reason to want to share with their friends. It should be something to entertain not disrupt their time.

This led us to consider what entertainment partnerships we could forge. But from China’s extensive ecosystem of KOL’s no one screamed ‘cabbage’. Until a certain Panda popped onto our screens and the magic began.


The Kung Fu Panda franchise has been one of the biggest grossing movie series in China with the first 2 films making well over $120m USD. Kung Fu Panda 3 was set for even bigger success, and as we were planning our launch, Dreamworks were planning theirs.

Lovable leading character Po and his noodle cart were a perfect match for the Master Kong brand.

Working closely with the production and creative team at Dreamworks, we created a partnership that sets a new standard for content collaboration.

Together we created ‘Kung Fu Noodles’.

Prior to the films launch we created a special teaser film, featuring Po and other favorite characters introducing our ‘Kung Fu Noodles’ and asking fans to participate in our treasure hunt.

This combination of content and engagement was core to our strategy – all activations would encourage our target audience to participate and reward them for their engagement.


E 657% E-commerce sales increase
O 7% Market share increase
A 113% Over the target in media delivery
v 406 million Impressions
9th ROI Festival

9th ROI Festival

Gold 2016

Media Partnership Services

+3 Other Awards

9th ROI Festival - Digital Media Integration Services - Gold
9th ROI Festival - Digital Creative Integration - Silver
2016 China Advertising Great Wall Awards - Media Communications - Gold

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