Joanne Choi Gets on Campaign China Digital A-List


Joanne Choi, Ecommerce Director of Carat China has been selected onto Campaign China Digital A-List for her commitment in delving into the ecommerce area and talent in getting the job done with excellence.


With nine years of digital marketing and campaign strategising experience, Joanne Choi is known for her holistic approach and execution in helping brands access ecommerce platforms. This lies in her ability to collaborate with all the functional departments and, with keen insights, push for a quick decision during a marketing campaign to keep pace with emerging ecommerce trends.

The most notable examples of this come from two projects in 2016. With Adidas’ Tmall paid search optimisation, Choi led her team to develop a brand zone and traffic optimisation plan that not only contributed to incremental sales, but also saw an increase of 5 million unique visitors to the store over a month-and-a-half. For the Oreo Colorfilled launch campaign, she and her team collaborated with the Mondelez ecommerce team, creative production team and Alimama to launch the product on Tmall’s ‘Super Brand Day’. It delivered massive brand exposure on the site and created positive buzz that drove 3 million users to the campaign page, and generated over RMB 1 million in sales, all in a single day.

Campaign China's annual Digital A-List is the categorical list of 'who’s who' in mainland China’s digital scene, aiming to recognize the highly-skilled digerati of marketing, creative, advertising, media, technology and e-commerce.

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