How to Impress China's Mass Affluent Males – New Report from Carat & Jing Daily


Following on from last year’s segmentation study of China’s new luxury consumers, Carat and Jing Daily have collaborated again to investigate what’s influencing China’s young affluent males.

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Luxury brands targeting the young male consumer in China are not only dealing with a growing group of China's affluent class, but by far the largest. To better understand what makes this swelling market tick means recognizing they're not just one segment, but five. 


In this new report by Carat x Jing Daily, we illustrate how to reach China's "mass affluent class (M.A.C.) males", what makes each segment unique, and how brands can tailor their content to suit their diverse views on entrepreneurship.


We take a look at:

  • A summary of the five groups: Aficionados, Skeptics, Epicureans, Aspirants and the Bling Kings

  • Insight into the diverse ways these consume media and how brands can meet their expectations through inspiration and experiences

  • An explanation for how M.A.C. males like to make an impression and how this has changed from previous generations

  • Details on hobbies and online video genres preferred by M.A.C. males and an interesting definition of entrepreneurship across all five categories and how luxury brands can capitalize on their interest in this topic.





Insight News
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