Carat Releases Report On The Future Of Toys


Carat has released a new report on what the future of children means for the future of toys in China, combining proprietary research and insights from a series of focus groups conducted with parents. Through CCS, its quarterly survey of more than 70,000 consumers nationwide, Carat has defined new attitudes to childhood.


On 1st June each year, China celebrates children and the importance of preparing them for the future. The run up to this festival is also a key period for the toy market as parents buy new toys as gifts.

“Rising numbers of parents with a progressive mind-set are now looking to place emphasis on raising more individualistic and creative children” says Montserrat Preysler, Head of Convergence Planning at Carat China. “When we looked at parents of children between ages 6 and 11, they scored the importance of their child’s happiness as 8.1 out of 10. Through CCS Kids, it emerged that parents approaches were becoming more modernised, but with a traditional twist.”

Education remains hugely important and is an area that attracts significant spending. For younger children the research showed that more emphasis is placed on toys that are beneficial to the child’s development. Parents are encouraging their children to have creative learning experiences whilst having fun.

This trend continues as the child grows with the family making significant investment in activities that cultivate interest and broaden horizons for their children. We see an ever increasing variety of classes, from art class, sport activities, and music lessons, with parents seeking inspiration from their peers, social media and other children.

Despite the continued popularity of video games and console based activities, the report highlights the growth in toys that stimulate imagination and creativity. Construction toys sales grew by 22% in 2015 (Euromonitor data) with brands such as Lego seeing strong double digit growth as Chinese parents focus on quality and giving their children the best start in life.

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