Our Culture

Building a great place to work isn’t just about the perks (although they are obviously appreciated as well). Our vision has been to create a culture that is productive, happy, and proud. Our values (Collaborative, Agile, Pioneering, Ambitious and Responsible) have been hugely important in shaping how we’ve brought that promise to life. We believe that it’s crucial our staff trust that we, as a business, really care about them. 

New starters are welcomed into the business with a three month programme of #CaratLifeHacks, a series of lunches that introduces new starters to people across the agency and provides face to face contact with the key people to help their work life go smoothly. We also have the most our own programme for events, actvities and giving something back; Carat Fun, Carat Clubs and Carat Cares.

The past 12 months have seen us celebrate the traditional Dragon Boat festival with 60 people competing to win the inaugural race. We’ve welcomed the Minions to the office for a day of banana filled frolics and dressed up in giant Sumo suits for a little light relief on a Friday afternoon. And to make the world a more beautiful place, we’ve even taken classes in flower arranging.  All of this has we’ve shared on our very own WeChat “Enterprise Account”, MyCarat. This is our own platform to cater to our mobile centric world, letting staff book meeting rooms, attend courses and read all the latest news.Carat Clubs has seen our teams get together to celebrate their passions, from running to yoga, photography to food. In our last all staff survey, a resounding 75% of people agreed that Carat provided opportunities to be healthy.

Carat Cares is our programme that includes external corporate social responsibility projects, as well initiatives for our staff. Examples include our free weekly deliveries of fruit, to a dedicated room for new mums who are still breast feeding and want a private space to express.

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