Hop 'n S@ve

2014 | CANADA

In the Spring of 2014, Desjardins introduced a brand new tool, Hop 'n S@ve. Designed for the young 18 to 35 clientele, the application enables major savings in just a few fast and fun clicks.

E 25% user increase in only 4 weeks


The challenge was to remind Desjardins members that there are many opportunities for saving money and that the Hop 'n S@ve tool can make it easy.


Consumer intelligence showed us that the search for discounts was a powerful activation lever and therefore a strength to capitalize on.  


The agency identified three promotional offer themes.

A radio first, the agency reached out to its own clients, requesting the possibility that the Desjardins Hop 'n S@ve execution weave itself into their own ads.

Familiar with all client work, the agency seized this opportunity and negotiated the segmentation of 30-second messages with 15-second contextual spots, followed by three 2-second recalls and a 9-second conclusion. In one single commercial break!

The station also allowed the agency to exploit these different formats to associate Desjardins’ tool with the Weekly discounts! A FIRST!

And finally, what event could be more promotional than « Black Friday »? Various live offers were driven throughout the day at The Source stores. Our contextual messages were positioned right after promotional offers.

Photo credit: Desjardins / Jean-Francois Thériault, Photographer

E 25% user increase in only 4 weeks
$ 30% increase of Hop 'n S@ve bank transfers
v 475,000 capsules views
Q Above average brand awareness
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