Sarah Stringer Named Campaign Asia's 20 Women To Watch


Group Innovations Director for Carat Australia, Sarah Stringer has been named one of Campaign Asia's 20 Women To Watch.

Sarah Stringer has come quite some way since she started at PHD Rocket in London: her first job in media involved booking ads for a funeral company.  She persevered, joining Carat in 2011 and delivering impressive results on brands such as Disney, Adidas and Mattel.  At just 31, she is the youngest member of the agency's senior management team with her focus now on delivering technology and trends insights to agency teams and clients.

In particular, she encourages clients to look beyond conventional media planning and take a '70/20/10' approach, which means setting aside 10 per cent of the budget for experimentation.  She has facilitated partnerships between clients and start-ups, and internally contributes to making her agency more creative by running regular brainstorming sessions that generate ideas to improve business value.

Stringer is noted for her enthusiasm but also for her ability to make new technology understandable for everyone.  Her philosophy is that if "your mum wouldn't understand it, you're probably doing it wrong".  She even completed a course in stand-up comedy to ensure her presentations are engaging, informative and engaging.

Simon Ryan, Chief Executive of Carat Australia, describes Stringer as "a true innovator....leading the charge of making sure we as a company and individuals are at the forefront of new thinking".  Agencies would undoubtedly benefit from more people like her in their business.

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