DOWNLOAD NOW: Cannes Lions 2016 Unwrapped


The Cannes Lions Festival is no longer a single minded celebration of creativity, but an event dedicated to the collision of data, technology and creativity. We know much has already been said about the work, so instead, we've produced a booklet focusing on unwrapping the major themes to emerge from La Croisette – those set to determine the direction of our industry in the coming years.



Every year at the end of June, over 15,000 representatives from the marketing industry descend on a small seaside town in the South of France to spend seven days celebrating creativity within the industry and beyond.

At the heart of the festival are awards. Adapting every year to reflect the dynamic nature of our industry, agencies and advertisers collectively submit over 40,000 entries, hoping to win some ‘metal’ by the end of the week. Winning work is often ground-breaking, playing a role in society (more on that later) but also in isolated cases, challenged on its legitimacy.

But the awards are just one part of an inspiring (and often overwhelming) festival. It is a chance to witness industry leaders share their stories, meet like-minded people from the other side of the world and maybe even meet prospective future clients.

Beyond the inevitable glasses of rosé and bewilderment at celebrities on stage, the one thing Cannes does is renew your appetite to create great work. It also gives you a sense of the direction our industry is heading and the opportunities in the near (and distant) future for our clients.

That's why we've produced this book.

We aim to give you a flavour of what the Carat team observed at the festival and arm you with ideas to activate in your role to maintain competitive advantage.

The book has been a team effort, so thanks go to Ashley Earnshaw, Adriana Colaneri and our 2016 Carat Scholarship winners for their contribution to this book. Thanks also go to Tess Murphy and Breanna Foster for support behind the scenes.

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