Carat Sydney Head of Strategy, Peita Pacey, speaks on ‘What Media Agencies Want’ at National Radio Conference


A senior media agency strategist has taken issue with some of the claims made by controversial marketing academic Mark Ritson, saying he is not “representing all of the facts as we interpret them”.

Peita Pacey, Sydney head of strategy at Carat who is a lead on the Woolworths account, told the National Radio Conference some of Ritson’s claims around traditional media, and in particular TV, are “dangerous” for the industry.

In a session discussing what media buyers are looking for from radio, the panel was asked by an audience member whether Ritson’s presentation had “moved” them, and whether agencies do ignore radio because it is “uncool”.

Pacey replied: “He stoked a fire in your belly. He didn’t, I think, represent all of the facts as we interpret them.

“I think some of his messaging around digital over-claiming can be interpreted as valid. The facts that he delivered about TV and traditional TV still the life and soul, I think it’s dangerous to be presenting it that way because it’s not the way it is moving.

“I don’t feel like in our agency we look at radio as a ‘has been’ media in any way, shape, or form. I think we need to look very differently at how we use radio. He’s right that it is a complementary medium, and we would never go 100% radio, people don’t just consume one channel. For me it’s about understanding radio’s role in the whole of the mix of what we’re trying to do for our particular campaign or client.”


This is an excerpt from an article that originally appeared on Mumbrella here.

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