Carat’s Simon Ryan: Why investing in media content must get beyond cheap


Hot on the heels of Carat’s win last week as B&T Media Agency of the Year, Carat’s CEO Simon Ryan outlines his focus for 2016 on investing in media that produces quality content and how it delivers business results for advertisers. Gone are the days, he says, when media is “cheap for cheap sake”.

“With the MCN-Foxtel offer together with Ten and the datasets you’re working on, a lot of the cost discussions will disappear,” he says. “Gone are the days when it’s cheap for cheap sake. It’s now about return-on-investment. It’s up to media agencies, media and clients to understand you often need to pay a little bit more for the right return on investment and the right content.

“It’s up to media agencies to really educate clients and work with them on what media can actually generate. How do we redefine media to generate a meaningful commercial result for clients and often that doesn’t mean cheap. Certainly we have clients that want things at the most efficient cost but breakthrough ideas and things that can really generate momentum, talkability in the market and things that generate a strong social presence and following are often things that require an investment from clients. So it’s up to media agencies to educate them on that. “

Ryan says “cost is always a contentious issues” but a core focus for Carat in the coming year is about looking at media investments as a more positive solution for driving business results for advertisers rather than leading with price.

“I would say we’re well on the path. If I was to put it on a percentage scale, I think we’re 30% there… but again we’re relying on the great content from MCN and Ten and everyone else to enjoy the spoils of a positive media spend.”    

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