Carat’s Dan Sinfield says less media metrics, more business results a big client theme for 2016


Ratings and video views are important as signposts for media investments but the single biggest conversation with Carat’s advertisers for next year is about business metrics.

Carat Sydney Managing Director Dan Sinfield says the most pressing remit is for his team to unravel the media language “for a C suite conversation at board level” around sales and return-on-investment – not more audience and advertising parlance.

“Probably the most important thing in the types of conversations we are having with our clients is moving away from media metrics and talking about business metrics,” Sinfield told MCN. “We are trying to embrace that, not just talking about TARPS but how we deliver for their business in actual sales. It’s around moving the conversation so that it’s relevant for the C-suite at board level. Ultimately it comes down to how we get marketplace modeling and econometric modeling so we’re talking in that language of sales, not just spots and dots.”

Attribution modeling is proving an “interesting one” for Carat, he says. “We are not just looking at where the last click is but all the attribution around all of it from brand advertising to response advertising. We’ve invested in our data and analytics capabilities – we have a team of 10 people there about how we start measuring what a free-to-air brand TVC is developing in terms of sales through to search campaigns.”

And last click attribution – it still has life? “Look I don’t think it does in an intelligent conversation with advertisers who understand but it is still something people default to when they don’t have a grip on what truly performance attribution is.”      

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