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Trend: The Evolution of Social Sentiment

New technology and tools are continually being created by social platforms to allow users to express their emotions more easily and explicitly than ever before. ‘Emoji search’ on YouTube and Instagram allows users to find content specific to mood or desire. More recently, Facebook has released its 'reaction' buttons, allowing users to express a range of emotions beyond the traditional ‘like’. These tools present new & potentially more accurate ways of measuring consumer sentiment towards a brand and its communications. Brands also have the opportunity to take this understanding of sentiment and target consumers based on their real-time emotions.

Run Run As Fast As You Can

In a recent activation celebrating the launch of the ZPump 2.0 sneaker, Reebok equipped outdoor panels with built in speed cameras to measure the pace of pedestrians. If a passer by clocked a speed faster than 17 km per hour they were rewarded with a pair of the new sneakers. By creating incentives that consumers have to earn, brands like Reebok are leveraging the consumer’s inherent desire for status. Utilising this trend can elevate brands to a platform that exudes exclusivity and drives desire.

VR Transforms Happy Meal

McDonald's Sweden is
embracing VR to transform the Happy Meal experience for 3,500 kids by creating 'Happy Goggles'. The concept turns the iconic red box into a headset - modeled off Google Cardboard. Kids are then able to use it to play an animated ski game, transporting them to another world after they've chowed down on their cheeseburger & fries. An encounter with the new technology translates a traditionally static experience into a thrilling interactive encounter with the brand. Talk about adding value to your meal.

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FB Releases Reactions

Facebook has finally bowed to years of public pressure and introduced Facebook Reactions - a set of 5 emojis to supplement the long-standing 'Like' button. Users can now express exactly how they’re feeling, with their choice of a love, wow, haha, angry or sad face reaction. This change has allowed the newsfeed to become even more expressive, enabling brands to truly engage with their communities and react in real-time to brand sentiment.

Zero Gravity Ok Go On FB Video

Indie rock band OK Go are kings of viral music content. Their latest clip was shot in a single take, and shows the band floating around in zero gravity to promote Russian Airline S7 Airlines. The video amassed 30M views in just two days. The plot twist - it was only released on Facebook Video. Facebook wants to be the home of rich video content. The fact that content creators have begun turning to the social platform first could be a sign of a larger trend.

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Streaming Data Fuels Questions

Music streaming services have recently released their Australian audience figures. As expected, Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora are leading the charge locally. The exciting new data is an important touchstone in developing an understanding of audiences; however it does bring up some questions. For example, what percentage of the audiences pays to avoid ads in each service? The services are still holding back targeting capabilities. Given the scale of audiences in the audio market, answers to these types of questions will be important in establishing how streaming fits within wider digital targeting strategies.   

Survey 1: Who Won?

The first radio ratings survey of 2016 is in, and whilst Sam & Rove (TodayFM Hit 104.1) continue to struggle to make impact, they did manage to hold onto their 3% total share of breakfast in Sydney since Survey 8, 2015. The big winner was Smooth FM, who enjoyed gains across the board. For what is still a relatively new station that experienced multiple re-brands, this is a big feat. Kyle Sandilands & Jackie 'O' jumped on an additional 2.4%, closing the gap on 2GB's Alan Jones.

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Woolworths Brings the Fun Back to Story Time with Disney Movie Stars Collectibles

Woolworths has launched the latest iteration of their hugely popular Collectibles campaign – the Disney Movie Stars Collectibles range. Launching last week, the campaign aims to capture the imagination of Australian children and bring the fun back to story time. Dressed as their favourite Disney characters, children highlight their love for the Disney classic tales by retelling the stories with their own individual twists. The content also features the new Disney Movie Stars Collectible range now available at Woolworths and online. A Collectible card pack is given away with every $20 spend and includes a projectable card and sticker of Disney's timeless stories.

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