Carat Juice #189


The latest freshly squeezed trends and news from the world of media.


Trend: Tech Needs to be More Flashy, Less 'Flash-in-Pan'

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) astounded, amazed and astonished tech lovers when it took place in Las Vegas in early January. A fridge that suggests recipes to you based on the products you have in it. A scanner that it fits in your pocket and can tell you the nutritional components of the food you are about consume. A bike helmet that augments reality as you ride along; the future is now! But are the public ready for this future? According to Accenture, there are already fears of a tech market decline amidst worldwide concerns surrounding data protection and device malfunctions. CES has plenty of flash but the products that will last are the ones that do the simple things well; provide value and confidence to the consumer. Brands must ensure there is real demand for new devices or services before they spend their hard-earned budgets.

Nothing to Wine About

French wine brand, Fruits and Wine, has found a way to put themselves at the centre of summer picnics. To launch their new range, they surrounded popular Paris parks with street furniture panels made out of hanging picnic blankets. Several colourful blankets, designed by international illustrators, were housed in each panel and could be easily torn off by passers-by. The campaign is a lesson in longevity. Although the blankets could be easily recycled, the beautiful designs meant that most were kept; a brand reminder each time owners venture out for a picnic.

Sampling Gets Glazed-Over

Understanding that their customers are more attached to their mobile phones than to a paper coupon, Krispy Kreme has brought to life a digital coupon in the form of a video barcode. They created a YouTube video of donut glaze pouring down, with the glaze dripping down into the shape of a vertical barcode. Customers are encouraged to screenshot the video and come in store to redeem their free glaze donut. The donut retailer is sharing the video coupon on its social media pages with the hashtag #DayoftheDozens.


Don't Shoot the Messenger

With over 800 million people using Facebook Messenger every month, it’s little wonder that they predict the disappearance of the mobile phone number in 2016, as users turn to messaging applications over SMS. Facebook also predicts that customers will continue to turn to Messenger to interact with brands, with conversation ‘threads’ a growing way to answer all customer questions in one place. Group chats will also become more prominent for users as a tool for organising events, potentially opening up opportunities for group-level advertising.

Saved by the Pin

The latest update to Pinterest has seen the 'Buy It' pins, initially introduced in 2015, updated to notify users if a pinned product goes on sale or the price drops. This is great news for consumers as it allows them to get on top of specials, whilst simultaneously allowing brands to sell more of their product. With this update, we see the continued convergence of content consumption and the point of sale. Advertising on Pinterest is rumoured to be coming in early 2016.


All Around the Water Cooler

When it comes to content, it would seem that Netflix increasingly has an underlying motive: generating ‘water cooler moments’ for viewers. Netflix Originals, like 'House of Cards', 'Narcos' and 'Making a Murderer', have inspired huge amounts of press and discussion globally (#makingamurderer has been used 250,000 times at the last count). With the streaming service announcing its global roll out, prepare to see them take more risks with their content – something that should keep the battle against Australian FTA and pay networks interesting.

Apple Drops Ads, Ups Beats

Apple is set to drop ads from its iTunes Radio service in Australia and introduce a $10-per-month charge for listeners from the end of January. It’s a part of a greater effort by the music juggernaut to ramp up its paid music offering, with the Beats 1 podcast becoming their radio priority. The move encourages users to opt into the Apple Music subscription service as a replacement, with which members get access to dozens of commercial-free radio stations. It should be interesting to see what options there are for advertisers following this change.


Time Out Snaps Back

Mondelez International has launched the Cadbury Time Out back into the spotlight after an extended hiatus, with an exciting new Snapchat campaign that uses creativity as a vehicle to unlock Millennial engagement. Understanding that when it comes to millennials, it’s all about authenticity, Cadbury Time Out partnered with millennial-whisperers Snapchat and VICE to create ‘The Time Out $10k’. This competition encouraged millennials to ‘snap’ a picture of their Time Out bar, then get creative with it using Snapchat’s drawing tools. To show them how it’s done, we launched a street poster campaign featuring the Time Out creations of renowned New York street artists, Yok & Sheryo. Cadbury Time Out also sponsored VICE’s Snapchat Discover channel and ran activity across their network, supported by paid Facebook activity. The campaign was a huge success, receiving over 500 entrants. The winner – the talented Time Out deemed to have shown the most creative flair – was announced last week. 

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