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Strategically minded

Trend: Age is Just a Number

According to a study conducted by Hotwire PR, 2016 will see marketers stop looking to traditional demographic targeting as a solution and focus on reaching people via something more age-agnostic: passions and interests. Demographic targeting is based on a single assumption – that age is a key feature that defines people. Although this may have been true once, it is no longer: 50 year olds are often the first to adopt the latest tech while young people are driving the extreme growth in vinyl record sales. Brands need to drill down into the data and understand what motivates different segments of audiences, rather than assuming they all act the same. Those who target based on a mindset will be the ones who come out on top.

Racing Through Pre-Roll 

MINI aren’t kidding themselves; they know that when given the option, people are likely to skip a YouTube pre-roll, so they’ve created pre-rolls that rely on that behaviour. The ‘Race a MINI’ ads visually count down in sync with the skip button, before a MINI charges across the screen. The viewer must try to hit skip before it reaches the finish line. Working in harmony with existing audience behaviour drives cut through whilst creatively emphasizing their ‘Fastest Ever Mini’ USP. 

Have a Break, Have a Massage

Kit Kat has taken their ‘Have a Break’ proposition one step further, launching the world’s first massage billboard across Columbia. Taking advantage of the over-used and crowded public transport system, Kit Kat created bus shelter panels that gave consumers a relaxing back and neck massage when they leaned against it. They also logged the panel locations into Google Maps and social platforms, so that when people tweeted words such as ‘tired’ or ‘stressed’, Kit Kat could instantly reply with the nearest location of a massage billboard.


Intelligent Targeting

Facebook are developing Artificial Intelligence that scans the photos that appear in users’ newsfeeds and deciphers what’s in the images in order to deliver complementary content. For example, if your friend shares a photo with you of Tony Hawk skateboarding, Facebook will show you more skateboarding content. The platform’s quest for ‘perfect’ information continues, as they will soon no longer need their users to like or comment, determining engagement instead via the subject of content rather than interactions.


Travel Alberta has launched an Instagram-inspired campaign in the Netherlands that’s sure to get users lusting for a winter trip to Canada. Understanding that people now look to social for travel inspiration, the Instatrip website allows users to plan a road trip through Canada, hand-picking a new winter activity for each day of their holiday via photos on Instagram. With the chance to win a flight to Canada so they can actually embark on their dream trip, the campaign enticed over 1,200 individuals to plan trips within its first three days.


Networks vs. Netflix

While linear TV is still king when it comes to time spent watching, the rising popularity of streaming services like Netflix has traditional broadcasters spooked. To defend against the streaming giants, Networks Nine, Seven, and Ten are calling for collaboration as a form of innovation. Instead of cannibalizing each other's individual streaming offerings, CUTV services should complement each other. Broadcast players have at last recognized the need to work together to win the war for consumer eyeballs.

Upfront about SBS Offering

SBS has put in a confident 2016 Upfronts, leaving us in no doubt about their vision for next year, according to our Sydney Head of Investment, Ashley Earnshaw. The launch of their Food Channel hinted at the more commercial focus of the network, whilst staying true to their roots with diversity in their offering. SBS also shared their collaboration with tubemogul as they join the programmatic space. Overall, 2016 will see SBS powered by premium and authentic content – great news for advertisers.

client campaign of the week

Virtual Tour of New Perth Hospital

Western Australians have been invited to take their first look inside the new Perth Children’s Hospital, all without stepping inside it, as part of the WA Government’s ‘The Bigger Picture’ campaign. The WA Government has created a virtual reality experience using Oculus Rift technology to transport the public inside the hospital from the comfort of a branded stationary bus.  The innovative project is designed to showcase how the State Government is investing in the future of Perth as a vibrant and connected city. The campaign is a unique media first and represents an exclusive partnership with Seven West Media who managed the activation and amplification through their platforms.  

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