Carat Juice #186


The latest freshly squeezed trends and news from the world of media.

Strategically minded

North Face goes South virtually

Cash is no longer king with the so-called ‘cashless society’ well on its way to transforming the future of payment. Consumers' demand for convenience is a major driving force behind the cashless society; being able to tap to pay for a train ticket or a quick shop reinforces our love of ease. Tapping into this trend, MasterCard has announced a partnership with a wearables brand to test out wrist band payments. The wrist band has security checks at three different points to confirm payment and ensure consumers feel secure using the device. The benefits to businesses are enormous, they will be able to efficiently and accurately capture customer data, allowing a more personalised customer experiences.

Emirates Soar in Stadium Activation

In front of 65,000 fanatic soccer fans in Lisbon, Emirates activated their Benfica team sponsorship through an in-stadium pre-match spectacle. Involving eight cabin crew members, Emirates gave the crowd pointers on how to express their passion for the club in the form of a tongue-in-cheek pre-flight safety demonstration. The activation formed part of their broader #HelloLisbon integrated social tourism campaign and engaged fans on stadium screens and far beyond the football field, with 1.7 million views so far on YouTube. 

North Face goes South virtually

Fashion brand, The North Face, has tested in-store VR using Oculus Rift and delighted South Korean shoppers with a thrilling twist. Shoppers were invited to test out winter gear by sitting in a dog sled and letting Oculus transport them to the South Pole for a 3D sledding experience. Following the virtual adventure, customers removed their goggles to find an actual pack of huskies in-store, bringing the virtual into reality with a very real sledding experience which lead them across the entire shopping centre and ended with their purchase waiting at the finish line.

Socially savvy

McSnapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has launched a new advertising opportunity, Sponsored Geofilters, which is sure to be big news for brands. McDonalds in the US were the first cab off the rank to utilise the new offering, which provided a shareable experience for their core Gen Z audience. Filters enabled users in close proximity to McDonalds stores to overlay cheeseburger stickers, fries frames, brand logo's and text on top of their Snaps, encouraging users to create and share branded content amongst their many friends.

Instagram: Curated

Taking cues from the likes of Snapchat and Twitter, Instagram has jumped on curated content bandwagon this Halloween, launching a Live Stories function within Instagram Explore. The new addition to their discovery tool prompted users to watch ‘the best’ Halloween videos when they logged in on the day. With convenience leading the agenda for most consumers, curated content is increasingly favoured because it allows users to experience specific events, stories and themes without searching through the millions of images and videos on offer.

Trading places

The Future of OOH

Taking technology previously restricted to smaller screens, Google has gone large (format). In a recent trial across the UK, the tech-giant has been experimenting with their DoubleClick digital ad-serving technology beyond the computer and smartphone, to larger digital billboards. Using the UK as a test market, Google have partnered with a number of out-of-home media owners, creative and media agencies with the aim to roll-out the tech worldwide, serving passers-by the most relevant ads and brands based on time of day and location.

Survey Says

The latest survey results are in and it’s all heating up in radio land. The dynamic duo of Hamish and Andy have not yet managed to hit the predicted heights of their past, falling in Drive by 1.2% share and placing greater pressure on Southern Cross Austereo coming into 2016. SCA will now be placing greater pressure on the new duo of Rove McManus and Sam Frost to attract big audiences at Breakfast. In other news, the unstoppable team of Kyle and Jackie O, overtook WSFM's Jonesy and Amanda to go top in Sydney at Breakfast. 

CLIENT Campaign of the week

Picnic, Pick-Me!

To establish a more meaningful relationship with the Cadbury Picnic Millennial audience, Mondelēz International recently engaged the Carat-designed ‘Media Innovators’ program to create a fearless idea that would go beyond their usual approach. The result: an execution that personified Picnic’s ‘deliciously ugly’ positioning via everybody’s favourite dating app, Tinder. Partnering with Nova Entertainment and the dating juggernaut, Carat delivered Australia’s first custom-built video unit on Tinder, inviting users in Melbourne and Sydney to a ‘deliciously ugly’ dating event, the Picnic ‘Pick-Me’ Party. With the events in full swing this week, there’s sure to be a lot of love found for both the product and the campaign.

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