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Trend: Is Brand Heritage Old News?

In today's marketing landscape, brand heritage does not offer the equity that it once did. Long-standing brands cannot rely on their legacy to succeed when consumers have an always evolving world of choice. It's easy to swipe left on yesterday's brand champ in favour of tomorrow's trend. Instagram, Uber and AirBnB have given long-standing advertisers a run for their media money and they are all less than 10 years old. What was once a Kodak moment is now a #POTD (photo of the day). Today, newcomers and veterans alike must find new and innovative ways to attract consumer attention and spend. For aging advertisers, heritage still has a place in the brand story, but innovation and relevancy must accompany this to keep them ahead of the pack.

Pepsi Plays on Pop Culture

In Back to the Future II, Protagonist, Marty McFly, travels from present day 1985 to 2015, only to take a sip of fictional futuristic product, Pepsi Perfect. Well, the future is officially here: Pepsi is releasing limited edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 80’s classic. Launching on October 21st, the exact day that Marty and Doc landed in 2015, the campaign is a highly tactical activity that is already being embraced by film fans and nostalgia seekers alike

You've Got a Bud-E in Me

Beer lovers, say hello to your new best buddy - Bud-E, a connected mini fridge created by beer brand, Bud Light. Giving consumers the ability to view real-time information from their fridge on their mobile devices, Bud-E lets users know when they need to stock up and when its contents has reach ideal drinking temperature. An accompanying app also features an integrated service that allows beer to be home delivered to the consumer. Bud-E sees Bud Light totally enhance the user experience, using new technology to better offer convenience to consumers.


Give #ProMo a Go

Twitter has lifted the hood off their long-awaited ‘Moments’ feature, a product centred in content curation. Designed as a means of making Twitter easier to use, Moments removes the need for users to follow accounts in order to tap into a trending topic – it curates the content into a central location as the story unfolds. To accompany the launch, Twitter has created a custom advertising product, ‘ProMo’ (Promoted Moment), which enables brands to tell their story via their own ‘Moment’ and create a highly tactical marketing opportunity.

360 Degrees of Facebook

Facebook has moved into the virtual reality realm with fully immersive 360° video content appearing within the Newsfeed. The brand experience is now truly in the user’s hands: when a video is playing, the viewer can choose what angle they want to see it from, by holding up their phone and the 360 video will follow with every turn. As a number of brands take this up to bring consumers even more intimately into their world, the platform will no doubt see some great content from video creators and storytellers alike.


Mobile Gets Reported

Digital industry body, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), has announced the results of Australia’s first Mobile Ratings Report, including findings that smartphones are now the most commonly used device by Australians. Other highlights included the fact that messaging app, Viber, has a bigger unique audience than Snapchat,whilst traditional publishers, such as, and the ABC, have the most visited sites on mobile and tablet. The report offers great insight into the numbers behind some of Australia’s fastest growing platforms, with data like this only beneficial in improving our digital understanding. 

CLIENT Campaign of the week

MFA Awards Success

Carat and L'Oreal have taken out a top spot at the MFA Awards, with a campaign for L’Oreal Paris crowned the winning entry in the Clothing/Cosmetics and Retail category. ‘Looking Fly With A Winged Eye’, a campaign that saw L’Oreal Paris take complete ownership of the ‘Winged Eye’ look in the Australian market, received praise from the judges for demonstrating a "brave approach (in owning) a category trend". With campaign results defying client and industry expectations, the award win is the cherry on top of a fantastic execution. 



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