Carat Juice #183


This week's freshly squeezed juice from the world of media.


Trend: Co-creation Evolution

More than ever, brands are actively asking consumers to participate in developing their content. But the UGC trend is evolving and both parties are looking to up their game. A great example is Mattel, who are partnering with Tongal – an online community of artists – to modernise and interpret classic stories and characters like Thomas & Friends and Barbie. PepsiCo is another power brand leading the evolution, moving beyond content and into tech, they’re working with entrepreneurs and developers to break new ground and develop ‘first-of-their-kind’ consumer experiences. As expectations grow for greater quality in brand interactions, working together with consumers on passion projects invites them to become invested in your brand beyond the product and builds real affinity.

Selfies Just Got Bigger

With your face as the focus, it’s often hard to capture the surroundings in your travel selfies. Enter Tourism Australia‘s Giga Pixel Selfie! The campaign takes giant selfies for tourists who stand on marked spots around famous landmarks. Linking wirelessly with your mobile phone, a remote camera will snap the selfie - inclusive of the iconic surroundings - and send it straight back. Tourism Australia has cleverly jumped on the selfie trend, demonstrating their understanding of how technology has brought a new angle to travel.

Kellogg’s Own Virtual Reality

In an effort to extend the brand experience of Nutri-Grain, Kellogg’s has urged consumers to create their own personal VR-headset for a breakfast experience like no other. All you need is a pair of scissors, a butter knife and some sticky tape to assemble and form a fully functioning headset. Once paired with the consumer’s smartphone, the headset is activated via an app that features a range of 360-degree virtual reality experiences ranging from wingsuit flying to off-road biking.


Melanoma Likes You

Working with Instagram and Twitter, Melanoma Australia has created a unique algorithm that identified and responded to popular hashtags and geo-located images in a unique social campaign that gave the dangerous cancer a life-like social persona. The campaign allowed two-way communication with users across social media by liking, following and commenting on the posts of young Australians spending time in the sun. The profile sent millions of personalised messages to this hard-to-reach audience right when it could make the most difference.

Facebook Launch Signal

Last week Facebook launched Signal for Facebook and Instagram, a free discovery and content curation tool for journalists looking to gather news from the Facebook platform. The new feature gives Facebook more competitive tools to work against Twitter in the news space and is part of a play to lure more journalists to the platform by allowing them to see what’s trending on Facebook and the influencers within the conversations.


SBS Launches New Food Channel

In a bid to grow their appeal with a younger audience, SBS have announced the launch of a brand new dedicated food channel. Adding to their existing suite of channels, the new offering will generate commercial return for the broadcaster and aims to build on their established food properties. Food is a key genre for SBS in terms of audience delivery and ad sales; and with the new channel they’re hoping to build on this success with a particular focus on the difficult-to-reach young female.

Should We Be Worried? 

A current hot topic in the media world is adblocking, and with Apple's recently launched iOS update now supporting the tech, there is real potential it will become mainstream. Tests run by Ad Week in the US showed that the tech didn’t just block banners and display placements, but also native and branded content - not good news for advertisers. However, given Android is still the most used operating system, the tech is only available to a small amount of the mobile market. But, Carat will be watching.


Disney Infiniti 3.0

For the release of Disney Infinity 3.0, the third game in the popular Infinity franchise, Carat collaborated with K-Zone magazine to produce two media first executions. The September edition used the issue’s sealed wrapping bag by inviting kids to “open the bag to join forces” creating a dramatic reveal of the characters featured in the upcoming release. The October issue featured another media first, with a die-cut front cover revealing a peek at the full page brand ad inside. These innovative executions ensured Infinity 3.0 had a strong presence in the heavily competitive kid’s mags environment, sparking the necessary playground chatter in the lead up to the game’s release.


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