Carat Juice #181


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Trend: Is Access the New Ownership?

With the rise of free content, the notion of what consumers should and shouldn’t have to pay for is changing. In some areas, it's not just the monetary value of products that has been eroded; it's the very concept of ownership itself. Rental or sharing is no longer just a concept applicable to big ticket items, like houses or cars. The ‘why buy?’ ethos is now creeping into less obvious categories, including clothing, gaming and consumer electronics, with the success of subscription services, like Netflix and Spotify, capitalising on this trend. This ‘access economy’ is a great opportunity for brands to remove some of the fear involved high involvement purchases.

A Fresh Approach

As one of Sri Lanka’s preferred forms of transportation, public buses don’t just carry multitudes of passengers; they also carry a lot of germs. Hoping to reduce the instances of common infections, the Asiri Group of Hospitals has created bus tickets infused with soap for passengers to use once they disembark. The campaign has generated awareness of the issue and driven positive behaviour change, proving that being useful, even in small ways, can leave a lasting impression. 

Sticking it to Retargeting 

In the fight against plummeting paper sales, 3M have made Post-It notes relevant for the digital age by turning typical display ads into a live note that users could interact with e.g. write their to-do list. Using cookies and behavioural retargeting tech, 3M directed those seeing the display ads for the first time to a landing page where they could set and edit the ‘Post It notes’. The customised Post It then appeared in place of ads, giving the user a completely personalised experience. 

Fast Facts

According to the 2015 Nielsen Music 360 Report, the top three reasons for subscribing to a music streaming service are cost, ease of use, and song library.


Discovering Discover

Snapchat’s snackable news service, Discover, is offering advertisers the chance to connect with Millennial audiences via their news partners. In the UK, female-centric publisher, Cosmopolitan, is leading the charge by offering advertisers access to their Discover channel. Native content packages and sponsorships are up for grabs, offering brands the opportunity to speak to millions of users in a highly contextual environment. 

Swipe Right for Networking

Forbes is teaming up with Tinder in order to help ambitious Millennials network with other like-minded people. The launch will be limited to the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, or those who've already 'made it'. Marking the first time Tinder has partnered with another brand to extend its technology, the execution opens up the possibility for brands down the line to potentially connect to high performing talent. Imagine if you could swipe right to interview someone?

Quick Tip

Snapchat now has more than 4 billion video views per day, putting it just behind the likes of power players like Facebook and Instagram.


Seven's Got the X Factor

Channel Seven juggernaut, X Factor, has defied the odds against reality TV fatigue this week, with an impressive launch on both TV and digital channels. Three days ahead of last week’s launch, 100,000 fans received an exclusive screening of the season-opener on Facebook, before an audience of 1.5 million tuned in on Sunday for the official launch. The approach signals a move for the free-to-air network towards a screen strategy for their content; an imperative for the digital native generation.

Apple's Adblocked

Adblocking is coming to Apple’s operating system, iOS 9, signalling the need for advertisers to factor its potential impact on their digital strategy. For the first time, users will be able to download an extension from the Apple App Store, which will block display advertising on most websites they visit via their Apple devices. While it may make reaching audiences via display slightly more complex in the future, native and owned media will continue to offer opportunities to reach those who employ the software. 

Smart Stats

The majority of people who saw a Super Bowl ad this year watched it exclusively online. The ads were also shared more than ever, with over 9 million online shares.


Mondelez's Afternoon Delight

As part of the launch of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk and Biscuit range, Mondelez have brought back the afternoon tea break back in a big way, encouraging people to rediscover this moment of connection. To bring this to life, they erected an oversize alarm clock in Melbourne’s Federation Square that counted down to 3:30pm. As the clock struck ‘break time’, it transformed into a bouncing castle, accompanied by a DJ and heaps of chocolate giveaways. The countdown was supported by local radio, office screens, social and mobile advertising where consumers could add the event straight to their calendars.


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