Carat Juice #179


This week's Carat Juice, squeezing every last drop of fresh information from the world of media.


Trend: Digital Detox

Having constant Internet access is like eating at a buffet: you never know when to stop. Consumers love their always-on lifestyle but have recently started to resent the stress that comes with it. Reacting to this behaviour shift, brands are creating products that assist their consumers in a mini ‘digital detox’. FMCG brand, Dolmio created ‘Pepper Hacker’: a pepper grinder that shuts down WiFi when twisted, offering families valuable down-time at dinner. Some restaurants are also offering discounts for patrons to leave their phones at reception. Consumers are looking for greater balance between online and offline, and brands that assist them to find that sweet spot will ultimately build stronger connections with them.

Fresh Breath Followers

The food truck has never been more popular; one needs only spend a Saturday afternoon in  one of Melbourne or Sydney’s trendier suburbs to see a flock of them. Knowing that after devouring a taco or burger, people will inevitably reach for a stick of breath-freshening gum, US gum brand, Dentyne, has brilliantly started shadowing food trucks. In a branded truck, Dentyne has been following food trucks to festivals and other hot-spots, handing out samples to happy foodies.

First World Problems

We're all guilty of the phrase ‘first world problems’. Fortunately, there's now a pill for all our petty grievances! The Dutch AIDS Foundation has launched a physical and online store selling faux pills (they’re actually mints), providng a 'cure' for 'bad WiFi connections' or 'never knowing what to wear'. Proceeds of this tongue-in-cheek activation go to countries where access to AIDS medication is currently restricted or non-existent. The campaign cleverly draws attention to the serious issue, without alienating audiences.


Exploring New Features

Whether it's a marathon, the Grand Final or Mother's Day, you can always turn to Twitter to engage with a variety of live events. Last week in the US, Twitter launched event targeting, a new tool to provide advertisers greater understanding of how to target and reach audiences interested in certain events. With the tool, you're able to derive insights based on the Tweets from last year's event, better understanding how the event conversation played out on Twitter.

Google+ To Be Retired

Following it's release four years ago, Google has finally acknowledged that forcing its users into Google+ was a bad idea. As a result, the company has announced that it will no longer require users to have a Google+ account to use its products and will phase out Google+ from their products. The first product to have Google+ removed will be YouTube, with users now able to login with just their Google Account.


News Corp: New Digital Products

Announcing plans for 2016 last week, News Corp unveiled three exciting new product offerings. Firstly, a partnership with data giant Quantium, creating a fused, data-driven advertising product called News Connect. The new product allows advertisers to target audiences based on a holistic look at what they read, watch and buy. Secondly, their intention to combine their digital assets with MCN, creating a premium trading exchange, called MBX. And finally, announcing the launch of News Corp Studios, a specialised marketing unit for the creation, distribution, and amplification of branded content.

The Battle of the Broadcasters

The Seven Network has taken the Nine Network to Federal Court (and lost), in a bid to prevent them from continuing to broadcast episodes of its new show, The Hot Plate. Seven claim that Nine’s new food format infringes the copyright of its hugely successful program My Kitchen Rules, which debuted in 2010. The accusations come as ratings for The Hot Plate continue to grow, while Seven are having to compensate advertisers for the poor performance of their other reality TV food format, Restaurant Revolution.


Astra Vs. Drones

In order to bring to life the power and agility of all the new, stylish Astra, Holden partnered with VICE to create Astra Versus Drones. Wanting to position the vehicle as artistic yet powerful, Holden needed to think differently in order to shift it's brand perception with a youthful and energetic audience. Tapping into their audience’s thirst for content, Holden, together with The Creators Project, pit the Astra against the latest ‘on trend’ technology, drones. Artfully produced, the execution not only demonstrates the cars agility, but also showcases Astra’s all new stylish design. Following the online success of the campaign, the creative has since been served across other channels; a shorter TVC now driving viewers online to check out the longer form content.

This week's Carat Juice was edited by Alex Brezzi, Ashley Earnshaw and Xander Southwick. 

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