Carat Juice #178


This week's Carat Juice, squeezing every last drop of fresh information from the world of media.


Trend: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

With consumers becoming increasingly wary of the ingredients in their food, there has been a significant shift in marketing language within the FMCG category in recent years. These changes beg the question; are there more ‘bad’ ingredients than there used to be? Or, is the everyday consumer just more switched-on to the dangers of certain foods? Either way, many brands have already made changes to their communications; however, it’s fast becoming the standard that consumers expect more. Last month for example, General Mills announced it will be removing all artificial flavours and colours from its range of cereals. Brands who subscribe to the clean eating trend with actions, rather than words, will appeal to this new generation of discerning, health conscious customers.

Ain't No Billboard High Enough

Promoting the picturesque landscape of Graubünden, Switzerland as the perfect escape from the bustling day-to-day, the town’s tourism board placed a digital billboard in Zurich’s Central Station to connect commuters to the region‘s spokesperson, ‘Mountain Man’. Using video chat, live from the mountain side, Mountain Man greeted passers-by and encouraged them to approach him for a conversation, rewarding their interactions with free tickets to come meet him that day.

Straight From The Dog's Mouth

With one in five people now taking vitamins daily, health and wellbeing is high on the agenda for Australian families. Understanding that the buck doesn’t stop with human family members, vitamin veterans, Blackmores, have launched a range of supplements specifically for pets. To promote this, the brand have brought on ‘Pawl’; a talking dog naturopath housed in an interactive online portal. Pawl is able to answer users’ questions and make product suggestions that customers can purchase online.


Facebook Likes Click, But Likes Aren't Clicks

In order to deliver better value to advertisers, Facebook have updated how clicks are attributed within the platform. Traditionally Facebook would measure a click regardless of where it occurred, i.e. a 'Like' or a link offsite. Keeping the platform more accountable, this has now been updated so that the system only accounts for true 'link clicks' i.e. those clicks related to certain objectives such as a CTA to visit another website, clicks to install an app, click to view a video etc.

Clinique Will Tumblr For You

To help boost their influence with young women in the UK, Clinique has partnered with Yahoo to bring its #FaceForward campaign to Tumblr. It's set to run over two months as a video series profiling six young British women, promoted through Tumblr's newly available sponsored ads. It's expected more and more brands will come on board in the future, with Tumblr launching their ad offerings globally.


Programmatic: Australia Leads The Way

Programmatic buying as a portion of overall digital spend is rapidly growing; on a global stage, Australia is already ahead of the game. Programmatic spend across digital display in Australia is forecast to reach over $750m in 2015, a YoY growth of almost 25%, accounting for almost 74% of online display advertising. Australia is embracing mobile and video programmatic buying, a trend not seen as of yet in the UK or US, leading experts to believe that it’s the driving force behind our spend leadership.

Facebook Deal With Data Suppliers

Facebook has signed a deal with three of the largest global data providers, allowing Australian advertisers to fuse third-party data with its own datasets in order to serve ads based on actual purchases. The partnership with Quantium, Experian and Acxiom will give advertisers the ability to ‘close the loop’ by bringing offline behaviour onto Facebook, taking targeting to the next level. Carat clients David Jones and Medibank will be two of the first brands to be involved in the new venture.


Expedia has launched Australia’s first real time out-of-home campaign using the LivePoster technology. It gives Expedia the ability to put whatever offer they want, on whatever screen they want, at any time they want - all at scale! The campaign will serve several hundred tailored offers via 500 rail and office locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Messages will be updated in real time and consistent with updated offers on


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